This podcast is for the people that at least know 10 out of those 13 words or for the ones that skipped over all of it and went directly into reading this. The thought of not knowing exactly what that phrase means, or knowing what a few of those words are and pondering over how they are trying to use those in describing this show, or realizing that we picked words that began with the letter “C” because this show title begins in “C’s”, or just now coming to grips that this is a run on sentence. That is the essence of what this show is about.  If at this point you are still on the fence wondering about where all of that or even this is going, just think about Structured Randomness. What do I mean you ask? Just take this description for example……the plan was to give our audience a well thought out wordy paragraph describing to you a preview of the show in words. But as you probably haven’t realized yet….that’s not happening!! So just embrace in the fact that we have gained your attention thus far. I mean you have read it up to this point, so now =========➔ JUST START THE SHOW!!

Cognac & Caviar Podcast – “Entrepreneur Experiences” Part 1 (Cool Chopps Dboone MsTeesha)

We started the podcast off with welcoming back MsTeesha, topics like ‘entrepreneur experiences which included Firing people.. planning our life off peoples potential, being a millennial, random communication, parenting, “why are kids not outside?”, and being a student…

Cognac & Caviar Podcast – “If I apply Myself” Part 2

in this podcast we talk about he act of “applying yourself”, random church services, Mexican music and the real stories behind them, sports talk including the ‘Kyrie trade’, and also the confederate white supremacist march…

Cognac & Caviar Podcast – Random Talk w/ special Guest DJ Hooqs Part 3

In Part 3 of the podcast we (Cool Chopps DBoone) talk about battle-raps, the minimum gpa requirements with student athletes in Dayton, OH… including a segment formerly known as “Hookd on Facts” which completely goes south during the last 20mins.

Cognac & Caviar Podcast Episode 40 (Cool Chopps DBoone) Part1

This podcast “Cool” and “Chopps”  are welcoming back long time co host on Mic 3 DBoone “Mr AKA” “Mr BKA” etc…Topics range from Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Current RKelly events, HouseHold Income with Multiple Partners, Polygamy..

Cognac & Caviar Podcast – Cool n Chopps with special guest MsTeesha

While Dan was nowhere to be found we had special guest Ms Teesha come express views and thoughts about current events. Mr “What You Say” aka “Chopps” on Mic 1, on Mic 2 “Mike” aka ” 2 Mikes” aka “Minute Mizer Marque”, and on Mic 3 the brilliant entrepreneur MsTeesha.

Cognac & Caviar Podcast – Relationships & Music

This episode included 2 special guests: The Brilliant entrepreneur MsTeesha and The Multi-talented ‘AF’, discussing topics from relationship viewpoints, dating, Jay Z and overall psychological stances on male to female interactions…